HSE Policy

Company Drug and Alcohol Policy
Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace
Alcohol consumption and drug misuse can be a major problem for employers, resulting in:
 Loss of productivity and poor performance
 Lateness and absenteeism
 Increased potential for workplace accidents
 Effect on team morale and employee relations
 Bad behavior or poor discipline
 Adverse affects on company image and customer relations
A working environment shall be created whereby alcohol or drugs usage does not threaten the safety of Company’s business, the environment and the safety or health of employees.
 In situations where an employee is taking prescribed drugs or medication as treatment for a health condition, the employee shall be responsible for informing their Supervisor of any potentially impairing side effects. Employees who drink alcohol while off-duty shall be responsible for ensuring that they allow adequate time to not be impaired by the effects of alcohol by the time they commence work. Read More >>

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